Celebrating 50 Years of Wyong Leagues Club

The 6th of March 2023, marks the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Wyong Rugby League Club. This club would become the founding venue of what would later be a part of one of the most successful groups of its kind in Australia, The Wyong Leagues Group. A Group with audited assets of $125m with zero debt and employing well over 300 people in NSW.

From very humble beginnings on a block of dirt in Kanwal, the Group now has ten clubs, seven of which are on the Central Coast with a remaining three throughout regional NSW with venues in Woolgoolga and Goulburn.

After its opening Wyong Rugby League Club, took several years to build and consolidate its position as one of the most popular venues on the Central Coast. As often happens in business, a successful formula can be transported to success in other locations. It was this thinking that led, in 2001 to the Group turning its attention to expansion via amalgamation.

With this and each of the subsequent amalgamations, one principle has always been key in ensuring both a smooth transition into the fold for the new clubs and ensuring their ongoing success. This principle was to retain the most positive individual characteristics of each of the venues and to add value. The prevailing thought is that the members of each of the Clubs have remained loyal, sometimes for many years, because they feel a strong sense of ownership. To them, they rightly see it as their club. The Group has therefore always focused on embracing the positive aspects of what the venues offered whilst enhancing the member experience as a result of being part of the Group. It has been a winning philosophy, as has been evidenced by the growth experienced over the past fifty years.

The Wyong Leagues Group is a highly active participant in the communities in which they operate. Each venue provides extensive financial support to local sports teams and charities. In addition, the Wyong Roos Foundation gives financial support to local charities whose primary focus is supporting those at risk or facing hardship within the community.